Throne of Wealth Dispersal was ‘bì bì bì~~’ treasure.

General Rules

  1. Any attempts to monopolies the wealth will cause ominous beasts to be summoned.[1] Every time a wave of ominous beasts was killed, another wave of ominous beasts with at least double the quantity will appears.[2]
  2. Everyone may pick a treasure only. Once a treasure was picked up, that person unable to pick another treasure anymore.
  3. Each layer access was restricted according to the individual’s realm. However, those with saint seals can bypass the realm’s restrictions until the eighth layer, regardless of their true realm. Using cheats may allow access to higher layer, but still unable to bypass the restriction for picking up treasure.


Every 500 steps is a layer.

Each layer have hidden items that have higher grade and lower grade than the rest of the items. Its a game of luck to obtain these treasures.

Known Owners

Demon Emperor Hezhi

Demon Emperor Hezhi was possibly one of the earliest owners of the throne.

Dao Priest Scarlet Firmament

Loose Immortal Free and Unfettered

Every time he won a bet from ‘bì bì bì~~ ’, Loose Immortal Free and Unfettered will disperse ¼ of the items he received.

Lucky Draw

A special event for Loose Immortal Free and Unfettered’s last wealth dispersal.


  1. Prize winners will be selected randomly.
  2. Prize winners may be selected if managed to satisfactorily flatters Loose Immortal Free and Unfettered.
  3. Prize winners will receive a token each that can be use to withdraw the treasure at any time and any place.
  4. Prize winners will be protected for a certain amount of time.

Prize Winners


Prize Winners Notes
Fourth Prize All unchoosen treasures in Layer 1 – Layer 3, evenly divided into six parts. Copper Trigram Shouted 666
Yellow Mountain
A Fourth Stage loose cultivator Immedietly ran away due to fear of being robbed.
A middle-aged Holy Knight
Two Celestials
Third Prize All unchoosen treasures in Layer 4 – Layer 5, evenly divided into three parts. Mad Sabre Three Waves Transformed into a baboon and flatters Loose Immortal Free and Unfettered
Jun Bufu
A Celestial
Second Prize All unchoosen treasures in Layer 6 – Layer 7, evenly divided into three parts. Soft Feather Soft Feather made a wish to White’s statue.
Winter Melon
Scholar Drunk Moon
First Prize Throne of Wealth Dispersal Tyrant Song Chorus

Profound Saint Tyrant Song

Heart of Immortal Chef

Sexy Tyrant Song, Online Q&A

Divine Horse Race Track

Heavenly Way’s Eye Drops

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