«Thunder Palm» is a generic Third Stage magecraft, taught by many schools and families in the Cultivation World.


The technique is performed by using ones energy to trace the character of thunder on the palm of the hand they are going to use for the technique.

Because the technique uses the element of Thunder, it is very strong against ghosts.


White Version

White taught Song Shuhang an optimised version before he went to J-City with Tubo, as a precaution against ghosts.

This version enable Shuhang, a First Stage cultivator at that time to use it freely, despite the usual requirement of Third Stage or higher to use it.

Heavenly Tribulation Version

Song Shuhang encountered «Thunder Palm» attacks that can easily covered entire city in an Eighth Promotes Ninth Heavenly Tribulation.

City-level Thunder Palm

Inspired by the Heavenly Tribulation Version, Song Shuhang’s «Thunder Palm» evolved into a gigantic «City-level Thunder Palm». This version was so powerful that it looks like a thunder and lightning sun.[1]

By mid January 2020, the «City-level Thunder Palm» became so powerful and massive that it almost evolved into «Province-level Thunder Palm».[1] It also overwhelmed the Final Tribulation – Pitch-Black Sun, a Heavenly Tribulation attack that can easily destroys a newly promoted Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal.[2]


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