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Tián Tián is the vice-island lord of Tián Tiān Island (田天岛), which are the base for Tián Clan (田氏; Tián Shì).

Behind the Name

Tián () is the 34th most common Chinese surname. It appeared in the Hundred Family Surnames text from the early Song Dynasty. It also means “field”.

Tián (甜) means “sweet”.

When combined, Tián Tián (田甜) can also means “Field of Sweets”.


In the original timeline, Tián Tián died in the Invisible Death Heavenly Tribulation due to her nascent spirit was damaged in the previous Field of Heaven Island’s event. Future Soft Feather helped her by linking her nascent spirit with her brother’s, temporarily covering her damaged nascent spirit.[1]

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