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Time City was a place created by Pavilion Lord Chu by using an artefact Blockhead Song has left behind in the Clear Water Pavilion. As the name suggested, the artefact left behind was a valuable item related to ‘time’. Under Pavilion Lord Chu’s control, the artefact brought into full play its wondrous effects.[1]

It was eventually merged into Song Shuhang's Lotus Core World.


The Time City was divided into two portions: the ‘Upper City’ and the ‘Lower City’. But whether it was the Upper City or the Lower City, a cultivator could stay in there only for 30 days each time they entered the place.[1]

Upper City

Time flows slower in the Upper City compared to the outside world. One day in here is equal to twelve day outside.

Li Yinzhu stayed in the Upper City to delay the effect of her disease with Chu Chu taking care of her.

Lower City

Time flows faster in the Lower City compared to the outside world. Twelve day in here is equal to one day outside. While others practiced for one day, the people in the ‘lower portion’ of the Time City could practice for twelve days in the same amount of time.

Song Shuhang met Ye Si when he was training here.

After leaving the city, one must pay a part of their lifespan equal to one minute. This is in addition to the extra days they have aged while in the accelerated time.

Forging Two Sets of Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Items

Thirty Three Beasts’ Combined Magical Item

Resurrection Coin

I AM a Nine Serenities Ruler.
White Two to a newly-resurrected Song Shuhang[2]


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