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Tomb of Tyrant Song was a great tomb constructed by Song Shuhang with the help of White and the materials supplied by Anything Can Sell.


During an Entering Dream, Song Shuhang saw the Sixth Heavenly Way constructing his own Tomb of Imperishable (不朽者之墓; Bùxiǔzhě zhī Mù) with the help of Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre.

The Tomb of Tyrant Song copied the Sixth Heavenly Way’s Tomb of Imperishable Design, with the substructure is following the Tomb of (Digit) Path Lineage’s template design and the superstructure followed the Tomb of Imperishable design. Both structure have a hundred floors each.

Tomb of Ninth Path Tyrant Song

Tomb of Ninth Path Tyrant Song (九修霸宋之墓; Jiǔ Xiū Bà Sòng zhī Mù) was the substructure of the Tomb of Tyrant Song.


Using his jurisdiction as the Acting-Ruler of the Nine Serenities, Ruler Song summoned myriad demons with specialised construction skill to assist with the construction of this great tomb and Tomb of Eighth Path Scallion Lady.[1] As the reward, these demons obtained a Ruler of the Nine Serenities will’s gift. In the future, the demons can get extra Nine Serenities evil energy buff, multiplying their practice speed.[2]

The Demon Emperor Palace, now renamed as Tyrant Demon Palace (霸魔宫; Bà Mó Gōng) after the change of ownership, become the secret and hidden 101st floor.


Upon the tomb’s completion, it resonated with all (Digit) Path Lineage’s tombs scattered in All Heavens and Myriad Realms.[2]

Opening Tomb Ceremony

Tomb of Imperishable


The construction of the Tomb of Tyrant Song’s superstructure was separately handled by White. By using the Tomb of Imperishable Design given to him by Song Shuhang, White constructed the 100 floors superstructure with the help of Skylark, Seventh Path, Sixth Path and possibly White Bone.

Combination of the Two Tombs

Upon the completion of the substructure and superstructure, Song Shuhang opened a passage between the Nine Serenities and the Dream Realm by using the Acting-Ruler of the Nine Serenities jurisdiction.[3]

Tyrant God Pillar – Eternal Life Pillar Series – Hezhi Pillar.[3]


Tyrant Realm

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