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Tractor Competion is an event hosted by the Nine Provinces (1) Group with Venerable White as the chief organiser.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain provided the tractors and equipment needed for the race. He ordered 500 tractors for the race. Since he is a major customer, the tractors were delivered almost immediately.

Race Track

The race track design for the inaugural race was a collaboration between Venerable White and Venerable Spirit Butterfly.

While watching the venerables arranging the racetrack, Song Shuhang was struck by a lightning. As it happens, the very spot he was standing has ten Year Crystal Root.


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No Contestant


4 True Monarch Falling Dust 02
5 True Monarch Yellow Mountain Disqualified
6 True Monarch Ancient Lake Monastery
13 Scholar Drunk Moon 11
15 Cave Lord Snow Wolf 04
19 Loose Practitioner North River 06
21 Sword Monarch Azure Firmament Disqualified
22 Soft Feather 05
27 Dharma King Good Fortune 07
37 East Six Disqualified
38 Mad Sabre Three Waves ver. baboon 10 Proclaimed himself as Heavenly River’s Su ClanSeven before the start of the race.
40 True Monarch White Crane Disqualified
44 Exterminating Phoenix ver. Song Shuhang Disqualified Must obtain a Top Ten finishing to avoid the One Month Space Tour.
56 True Monarch Flood Dragon Tyrant 01
Abbot Fathom Mystery 03
Daoist South Lake 08
Splitting Yang Halberd Guo Da 09


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