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Upon reaching the Realm of Spirit Venerable, whenever the cultivator was deep in meditation, just a thought alone could stir the spiritual energy within his body, creating a huge impact on the real world, creating a ‘True Illusion’ that was connected to the real world, but was at the same time detached from it.[1]

True Illusion was similar to an illusion, but a notch more complicated. It was still fake though, since it did not exist in the real world as an actual entity. However, its existence was very real… in the sense that one could reach out their hands to touch all of the things within the True Illusion. They would not feel or seem different from real ordinary items.[1]

Inside the True Illusion, all illusions would have real lethality. If you were struck by a sabre, you would be injured by that sabre; and if you were struck by lightning, you would similarly be injured by that lightning.[2]


True Monarch Realm

There were some True Monarchs who were bursting with luck that would have the opportunity to experience forming an True Illusion in advance under the premise that they had the right opportunity, the right time, the right place, the right people, and the right emotions.[2]

Spirit Venerable Realm

Although True Illusion is an ability of Spirit Venerables, but according to the Second Ruler of the Nine Serenities, it should be of Eighth Stage. True Illusion actually contains deep and profound principles. As such, in is advisable for a Spirit Venerable to spend time to explore the profound mysteries of True Illusion before trying to break through to Eighth Stage.[3]

It was said that back during the ancient era when spirit qi was abundant, there was a powerful Venerable who went into seclusion underground for thousands of years, his thoughts forming a huge city above ground. What was surprising was that the city had residents who lived and thrived in it, just like real people.[1][2]

Profound Saint or Demon Realm

An ordinary Profound Saint or Profound Demon’s True Illusion can change into a city, evolving all living things’ all kinds of conditions.[4]

Tribulation Immortal Realm

Tribulation Immortal’s True Illusion can be as big as several nations. Moreover, if it isn’t restrained, the size can expand unceasingly.[4]

Attack of Heavenly Way Remains Ball

During the Attack of Heavenly Way Remains Ball, practitioners of Earth decided to use True Illusion as the first line of defence. Three Venerables, Buddhism Xichong, Taoism Black Abdomen and Holy Knight Uther used their True Illusions respectively in succession to slow down the advance of the Heavenly Way Remains Ball until Profound Saint Winter Melon managed to catch up.[3][5]

The Heavenly Way Remains Ball also took the opportunity to restore its status by using the True Illusions.[3]

Known True Illusion

User True Illusion Notes References
Black Abdomen
Chu Qiongqiong Clear Water Pavilion
Seventh Path Ancient Tomb World [6]
Song Shuhang Warm Desert World Pirate Version
  • A copy of White’s True Illusion: Desert World.
  • Little White, a doppelgänger of White lives in this True Illusion.
Everlasting Infallible Holy City
Radiance in Primal Chaos
Life and Death Reincarnation [7]
White Desert World
  • This is the first True Illusion appeared in the novel.
‘Song Shuhang Room’
Spirit Butterfly
Xichong Lotus Throne Buddha Kingdom [3]
Yellow Mountain


  • This ability is the complete opposite to False Reality.[6]
  • True Illusion more or less has similar concept with Reality Marble (固有結界, Koyū Kekkai, Innate Bounded Field) from TYPE-MOON series.

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