Turtle Father was a Dragon Turtle, a LV9 Giant Turtle of Disaster. He was the father of Turtle Young Lady.

Lord of Unextinguished’s Demon Will

Turtle Father was summoned by Turtle Young Lady to help her dealing with Lord of Unextinguished.

Battle of Ruism

Turtle Father participated in the Fifth Skirmish of the Battle of Ruism, fighting together with his daughter against Tyrant Song at first.

After his daughter was badly injured by Fat Ball’s doppelgänger, he allied himself with Tyrant Song. He ran the interference for his ally, giving Tyrant Song sufficient time to assimilate Holy Man’s obsession.

Upon the conclusion of the battle, Turtle Father sent out an Eighth Stage breath attack at Tyrant Song, just to fulfill his promise to ‘beat Tyrant Song until the shit goes out’ with his daughter.


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