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Tyrant Ball was the fusion of a Fat Ball’s doppelgänger and Heavenly Way Remains Ball.

Tyrant Ball also Tyrant Song’s best doppelgänger.

Collapse of Heaven

Due to its fusion status, it survived the Collapse of the Heavenly Way while its main body, the Eighth Nine Serenities Ruler disappeared. However, it lost its memory and become amnesiac.

Vying for the Heavenly Way IX

Prologue Battle

When Eternal Life Being Moon-like Fire announced his challenge to Profound Saint Tyrant Song, the amnesiac Tyrant Ball was triggered and immediately accepted the challenge on behalf of its ‘main body’.[1]

Challenge to All Heavens and Myriad Realms

After defeating Moon-like Fire, Tyrant Ball announced its challenge to all Heavenly Way hopeful, it will stay on Mars for seven days. During that time, it will accept all challenge on behalf its main body, Profound Saint Tyrant Song.

During the seven days, Tyrant Ball has defeated more than ten powerful Eternal Life Beings.

Star Destroying Virus

2020’s Chinese New Year Celebration

2020’s Chinese New Year Celebration

Return of Fat Ball

After Fat Ball resurrected, White Two showed the former scenes where Tyrant Ball acknowledging Tyrant Song as its main body and its subsequent actions as Tyrant Song’s model doppelgänger. Enraged with what it saw, Fat Ball activated Tyrant Ball’s self-destruct. However, Fat Ball found out the connection between it and Song Fat Ball was severed.[2]

As it turns out, using his authority as a Heavenly Way, Daozi has severed the connection between Fat Ball and Tyrant Ball.[3] At least for the next 180 years, Song Fat Ball’s consciousness will not change.[4]


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