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Starting from today,you are Heavenly Way Remains Tyrant Song.Is called Tyrant Corpse!

Tyrant Corpse is combination of Song Shuhang's spiritual body projection B and the modified Heavenly Way Remains Ball.

Astral Projection B

During the betting competition Between Three Eyed Senior and Song Shuhang (in form of an astral projection), they entered the ‘Heavenly Way Small Black Room’ which led to the Spiritual body within the 'Tribulation Immortal Void' forgetting the existing astral projection so it projected new astral projection i.e. Astral Projection B.

Creation of Tyrant Corpse

When the group was discussing about spiritual projection B, the Holy Doomsday Sword crashed into projection B. The thigh of Senior White Two then used modified pieces of the Heavenly Way Remain Ball and Astral Projection B to combine both into Tyrant Corpse.

Then under the magecraft of White Two's thigh Projection B is combine with modified Heavenly Way Remains Ball to form similar magecraft Heavenly Way Remains Ball’s black hole has attribute that All Heavens and Myriad Realms all materials swallow.

After the black hole swallows the magecraft activation, in collapse Heavenly Emperor World has massively 'hot tempered energy’ was absorbed in the black hole.

These hot tempered energy’ is the proliferation in Heavenly Emperor World ‘viral energy’ and principle vestiges after explosion. Now, all these were swallowed by the Heavenly Way Remains black hole.

Destruction Principle and Violent Spirit Power in Heavenly Emperor World, were swallowed completely by the black hole.afterward under control White Two's thigh black hole dessipates.


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