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Tyrant Realm (霸界; Bà Jiè) was a realm in the All Heavens and Myriad Realms and a private domain of Tyrant Song.

Seal of Realm Lord

The Seal of Tyrant Realm (霸界之印; Bà Jiè zhī Yìn) was recovered from the Ancient God during a short battle in a Heavenly Way’s small black room on 17th January 2020 by Song Shuhang.[1]

Word Fusion

By using the World Fusion Card, Song Shuhang fused Tyrant Realm with the Heavenly Emperor World.

After the new world was completed, All Heavens and Myriad Realms sent out an announcement, informing the birth of a new realm.[2]

Realm Lord

Tyrant Song

Li Yinzhu

Before Tyrant Song begin to experiment to transcend from the Heavenly Way, he passed part of his jurisdiction as the Lord of Tyrant Realm to Li Yinzhu.

Li Yinzhu currently hidden in the deepest location in the realm, assimilating the jurisdiction. She was protected by Three Corpses - Tyrant Benevolent.

Tomb of Tyrant Song

Tomb of Tyrant Song was transferred over from the Nine Serenities World to the Tyrant Realm at the request of Lady Fat Ball.[3]

Major Influences

Unbounded Demon Sect

The members of the Unbounded Demon Sect has agreed to work for Tyrant Song for ten years. They were tasked to develop the Tyrant Realm.

After Tyrant Song became a Ninth Heavenly Way the members were thinking of extending their contract indefinitely.

Clear Water Pavilion

Clear Water Pavilion was resurrected in the Tyrant Realm by Transcendence Tyrant Song. Tyrant Song blessed Clear Water Pavilion with abundant spirit plants, veins and mines.


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