Although I’m ugly, but my ugliness is unique
Ugly Tiger[1]

Ugly tiger was one of the monster beasts in the Forbidden Area, protecting the Hall of Winter. Later on, it became the doorkeeper of the Seventh Nine Serenities Ruler.


A well-known work of the end of the sixteenth century, the Wuzazu 五雜俎, informs us about the nine different young of the dragon, whose shapes are used as ornaments according to their nature.[2]

The [bì àn 狴犴], (Hybrid of tiger and dragon) a creature that likes litigation, are placed over prison gates (in order to keep guard).


The ugly tiger was a gigantic white tiger. He was five metres high and ten metres long. Its four legs seemed rather short, and its waist was abnormally stretched; it looked rather strange.[1]

Its face was also very ugly. The nose was short, and the face big. Its teeth were uneven and protruding. Due to the strange face, its eyes also seemed somewhat dull.[1]

Forbidden Area

Evil Lotus World

Just like the rest of White Two’s pets, Ugly Tiger currently resides in the Evil Lotus World, serving as its gatekeeper.


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