Unbounded Demon Sect was a famous Demon Way sect in the Cultivation World.[1]

Its location wrapped in a shroud of obscurity. Except for the members of the sect, no one in the Cultivation World knew of its exact whereabouts.[1]



The Unbounded Demon Sect had a lot of branches scattered around the world.[1] All those branches were part of a huge intelligence network and could use this network to find the information they needed.[2]

Every branch of the Unbounded Demon Sect had around 800 disciples and under the command of a branch lord of Fourth Stage. With defensive arrays, a branch theoretically could withstand a newly-promoted Sixth Stage True Monarch.[2]


Each peak was commanded by a Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign. Any newly-promoted Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereign may established a new peak with some support from the sect.

Mahoraga Peak was the 69th peak of the Second Hall Nine-Eyed Kama Hall.


There were three halls and each them were commanded by a Sixth Stage True Monarch.

Demon Sea Great Plan

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Demon Sea Great Plan (魔海大计划; mó hǎi dà jìhuà) was a plan by the Unbounded Demon Sect to open a demon country (魔国; mó guó) in the Nine Serenities. This plan was first mentioned as the Unbounded Demon Sect’s great plan by Gongzi Hai, Zheng Neng and Demon Monarch Anzhi.[1]


After the Demon Sea Great Plan failed, they were captured by Tyrant Song in the Nine Serenities World. As the punishment, aside from Gongzi Hai and Zheng Neng, they will work for him for free for ten years in his Lotus Core World.  After ten years, they will be released.[3][4]

During the 2020’s Chinese New Year Celebration, the disciples of the Unbounded Demon Sect were temporarily located to the Tyrant Realm. This temporary arrangement shocked them, since outside the vast personal minor world, Tyrant Song even has a major realm in All Heavens and Myriad Realms.[5]

After Tyrant Song became a Ninth Heavenly Way, the members were thinking of extending their contract indefinitely.


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