The Vajrapāni Temple Great Master is a Buddhist Eternal Life Being of the Way of the Vajrapāni and founder of the Vajrapani Temple.

He is an Eternal Life Being famed for his fighting prowess and unusual physical body battle strength.[1]

Because of his cultivation, he is one of the few survivors of the Vajrapani Temple which had broken with its legacy under the destructive will of the Eighth Heavenly Way around 800 years before the story began.[2]


Vajrapāni Temple Great Master

His Buddhist title and dharma name that defines his relationship as head abbot of the Vajrapani Temple.

金刚 (Jīngāng) means diamond; object that is extremely hard and strong. It refers to the Great Master's physique, cultivation techniques and combat style of the Vajrapani Temple.

寺 (Sì) means temple; monastery. It indicates relation to Buddhist architecture or locations.

大师 (Dàshī) is the simplified form of 大師 for the Buddhist monk title Great Master. It refers to the Vajrapāni Temple Great Master's seniority in the Vajrapani Temple as its leader, abbot and top cultivation level similar to Great Master Fathom Mystery of the World’s Horizon Wandering Temple.


Vajrapāṇi (Sanskrit: "Vajra in [his] hand") is one of the earliest-appearing bodhisattvas in Mahayana Buddhism. He is the protector and guide of Gautama Buddha and rose to symbolize the Buddha’s power.

Vajrapāni is extensively represented in Buddhist iconography as one of the earliest three protective deities or bodhisattvas surrounding the Buddha. Each of them symbolizes one of the Buddha’s virtues: Manjushri manifests all the Buddhas’ wisdom, Avalokiteśvara manifests all the Buddhas’ immense compassion, and Vajrapāni protects Buddha and manifests all the Buddhas’ power as well as the power of all five tathāgatas (Buddhahood of the rank of Buddha).[3][4]

Vajrapāni is one of the earliest Dharmapalas of Mahayana Buddhism and also appears as a deity in the Pali Canon of the Theravada school. He is worshiped in the Shaolin Monastery, in Tibetan Buddhism and in Pure Land Buddhism (where he is known as Mahasthamaprapta and forms a triad with Amitābha and Avalokiteśvara). Manifestations of Vajrapāni can also be found in many Buddhist temples in Japan as Dharma protectors called Nio. Vajrapāni is also associated with Acala (Immovable), who is venerated as Fudō-Myōō in Japan, where he is serenaded as the holder of the vajra.[5]


He was a bald man that had a height of three meters, a muscular body, and golden skin that can easily defend against any number of 'Heavenly Tribulation Hydrogen Bombs'.[6]

He has a whole body like a muscular cast Vajrapani Buddhist monk statue, muscles of his whole body are exceptionally exaggerating. When looking at him, Song Shuhang has an misconception, as if All Heavens and Myriad Realms of 'muscle’ radiated from this monk's body. Even his eyes can easily withstand an Eternal Life Being's standard attack.[7]

His body is noted to be the 佛门不灭身 (Fómén Bù Miè Shēn) Unextinguished Buddha Body that is top ranked among Eternal Life Beings.[8]


At Alliance headquarters, the Great Master has a habit of sitting or meditating on the open hand of a great golden muscular Vajrapani statue similar to his appearance. He sometimes greets others with Buddhist scriptures or greeting.[9][2] He has a smile that warms the hearts of others.

He also holds deep patience to the level of allowing Song ONE to temporarily possess his Unextinguished Buddha Body and not daring to reopen his legacy during the entire reign of the Eighth Heavenly Way..

He views the Alliance's group name as too foolish and wishes to change it. He also holds a severe grudge against the Eighth Heavenly Way and wishes to destroy its plans of complete restoration. This grudge made him join the Heavenly Way Must Step Down Alliance.[9]

Until the rise of Tyrant Exterminate, the Great Master rarely shown his Eternal Life Being's Moon Wheel Halo out of secrecy and vengence.[2]

As the founder of the Vajrapani Temple's buddhist arts, the Great Master had a simple OCD naming sense and named each technique sets' styles with I, II and III so on...[10][11]

The Great Master is similar to Song Shuhang, sharing his black belly[12], monetary values[13] and kind personality[9][7].

Before the Eighth Heavenly Way

The Vajrapāni Temple Great Master has been an Eternal Life Being existing since before the era of the Holy Man. Rare among Eternal Life Beings, the Vajrapāni Temple Great Master had no interest in Vying for the Heavenly Way.

The Great Master founded the Vajrapani Temple and it thrived as a school of body tempering arts, fist arts and cultivating Strength of Karmic Virtue before the ascension of the Eighth Heavenly Way. The arts of the Vajrapani Temple were still remembered as allowing its practitioners to still use the techniques as solid foundations for later cultivation Stages similar to RPG growth skills.

800 years ago (before 2019), the Vajrapani Temple legacy was broken[14] by the will of the Eighth Heavenly Way through its Ruler counterpart's cooperation. The main reason is because the Vajrapani Temple's combat arts extremely bring pain and harm to Fat Ball and its invasion plans' demon minions. If the popular and strong foundation cultivating Vajrapani Temple continued to exist, the Ruler's plans would likely fail and affect the Eighth Heavenly Way's loathing desire to successfully eradicate its pre-Heavenly Way grudges.

Tyrant Song

The Great Master watched all of Song Shuhang's sermons.

Song ONE Imitation

Battle of Clear Water Pavilion

With his permission, Song ONE impersonated the Vajrapāni Temple Great Master to thwart the invading Ancient Heavenly Court survivors in the Battle. However, because of Song ONE's personality and subordinate Eternal Life Beings like the Northern Great Emperor, the imitation was easily exposed.[6][15]

It is later revealed Song ONE borrowed the Great Master's physical body to exhibit less than 100% his abilities.Until luckly encountering on January 1, 2020 Seventh to Eighth Stage transcending Song Shuhang's low divided body, Song ONE intended to borrow the Great Master's Unextinguished Buddha Body to fight with his 5 member Eternal Life Being group against the Son of Heaven.[8]

Beast Realm

During a brawling fight between muscular Blue Wave and another muscular body tempering Spirit Venerable, Chu reminisced about Song ONE's imitation of the Vajrapāni Temple Great Master.[16]

White Bone

After the years long fight between White Bone and Kun King, Chu projects her meeting with Song ONE during the Battle to White Bone as evidence of his continued existence.[17]

Heavenly Way Must Step Down Alliance Member

Heavenly Way Must Step Down Alliance

Battle of Ruism

During the Battle of Ruism, the Great Master and Daozi witness afar the Holy Man obsession's manifestation. Once noticing Eternal Life Being Daozi beginning to cry, the Great Master immediately set two small jars he retrieved from his chest's clothes underneath the crying man for immeasurable material collecting and Karmic Virtue actions against danger results.[13]

Collapse of the Heavenly Way

Researching Tyrant Song’s Exchange Group

8.5th-generation Heavenly Way Plan

8.5th-generation Heavenly Way Plan

Changing Heaven

Vying for the Heavenly Way IX

Eternal Life Beings' Multi-thread Group Meeting with Eternal Life Being Tyrant Song, Sponsored by Daozi

Ninth Heavenly Ways

With the rise of the Ninth Heavenly Ways, the Vajrapāni Temple Great Master received a Heavenly Way's blessing brand mark that had assistive functions tailored for a Buddhist Eternal Life Being of his rank. He is blessed for being one of many who contributed to both Ninth Heavenly Ways' ascension. After Song Shuhang's rank up to Transcendence, it is possible the Vajrapāni Temple Great Master received an imperishable granule because of his relationship with Shuhang. It is also likely the Great Master reopened his legacy with the assistance of Benevolent Corpse - Tyrant Benevolent.

Abilities & Skills

Interpersonal Combat Master

The Vajrapāni Temple Great Master is famed for his combat ability and unusual physical body battle strength.

Vajrapani Temple

The Vajrapāni Temple Great Master's buddhist sect focuses on using one's body and Karmic Virtue as main pillars in cultivation and combat.


  • Various Daozi level Ruism techniques and magecrafts, based on Righteous Qi.


  • As an Eternal Life Being, the Great Master is fluent in the Ancient Language.
  • As the founder of the Vajrapani Temple, the Great Master wrote its Buddhist arts with the fragmented legacy documents written in Classical Chinese.


Heavenly Way Must Step Down Alliance

The Great Master joined the Alliance around 800 years before Tyrant Song's rise to ensure the failure of the Eighth Heavenly Way's backhand plans (Way of the Heavenly Court, Cyborg Girl, Son of Heaven...etc) to patch its existence up. He joined for friendship and vengeance.


The Great Master enjoys partnering up with Daozi. He taught Daozi his Eternal Life Being level Buddhist arts.[18] He was also versed in Daozi level Ruism magecraft and techniques through their partnership to the confident ability of teaching Profound Saint Tyrant Song. Through his cultivation experience and Daozi, the Vajrapāni Temple Great Master knows Tyrant Song is not the Holy Man's reincarnation. Through Daozi, the Great Master allowed him to give Tyrant Song the first volume manual of the «Vajrapani Divine Punishment Great Hand Seal» learn.

The Great Master was willing to provide energy to Daozi's 8.5 Heavenly Way ascension array (Eighth Heavenly Way's Complements Itself Plan).

Ye Si

He shares similar common aesthetics towards the Heavenly Way Must Step Down Alliance's lame name as improper.

Blockhead Song

He is the leader of the Alliance. The Great Master allowed Blockhead Song to possess his body to fight. He also did not point out Blockhead Song's golden Cheng Lin impersonation in public.

Northern Great Emperor

The Great Master was contacted by Northern Great Emperor to attend Daozi's sponsored Tyrant Son Eternal Life Way Multi-thread Eternal Life Being group meeting.[19]

Song Shuhang

The Great Master holds great affection for Thousand Years' First Profound Saint Tyrant Song as a All Heavens and Myriad Realms famous Legacy fragment inheritor «Vajrapani Foundation Fist Technique», «True Self Meditation Scripture», «Immovable Vajrapani Body», «Ksitigarbha Ferrying the Soul Scripture» and «Vajrapani Demon-Subduing Fist» of the Vajrapani Temple. Song Shuhang in return holds intimacy through his foundation techniques' resonance and attraction to the Vajrapani Temple.[7] The Vajrapāni Temple Great Master is one of the few who knows and believes Tyrant Song's true cultivation history.

He has a desire to teach Shuhang successor techniques from the Vajrapani Temple and guide him to Buddhism by attracting Shuhang with Ruism magecraft.[12] It is due to noticing Shuhang's talent in body tempering arts, fist techniques and abnormally strong Karmic Virtue, main aspects of the Vajrapani Temple's Legacy. He even allowed Daozi to give Shuhang the first volume of the «Vajrapani Divine Punishment Great Hand Seal» to learn from and use with «Vajrapani Foundation Fist Technique».

With Tyrant Exterminate's sermon period marking the Collapse, the Great Master became a high supporter of Song Shuhang. He is a favorable support to the point of joining the founding of the Researching Tyrant Song’s Exchange Group and being part of Tyrant Song's unofficial internet water army [1][2]

Shuhang's Tyrant Benevolent cements his and the Great Master's Buddhism karmic ties for techniques building Tyrant Song's cultivation Foundation[20]. Shuhang also views the Great Master as a respected Senior[19].

Researching Tyrant Song’s Exchange Group

The Vajrapāni Temple Great Master is one of the founding members of the chat group as a favorable supporter of Tyrant Song and his potential to become the Ninth Heavenly Way.

Cheng Lin


  • If Song Shuhang did not have the small desire to be an idealized scholar sword wielding cultivator and fear of a battle maniac overly muscular monk "True Self", Song Shuhang would have been the perfect Vajrapani Temple legacy inheritant disciple[12]. This Buddhist Song Shuhang was fulfilled by the birth of Tyrant Benevolent[20].

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