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Vajrapani Immortal Cave (金刚洞府; Jīngāng Dòng Fǔ) was an immortal cave previously belonged to the Vajrapani Temple. Fourteen years ago, a joint cave exploration between World’s Horizon Wandering Temple’s Abbot Fathom Mystery and Medicine Master led to the rediscovery of the immortal cave. Since then, Vajrapani Immortal Cave has been under the jurisdiction of World’s Horizon Temple.[1][2]


To enter the immortal cave, a cultivator must have a Vajrapani Command (金刚令; Jīngāng Lìng) and pay six Fourth Stage spirit stones.[2] However, a Vajrapani Command can be used together by several practitioners together in special cases.[3]

Heart-Tempering Ancient Well

There was a heart-tempering ancient well (练心古井; liàn xīn gǔ jǐng) inside the immortal cave.

If cultivators looked inside the well, their inner desires and ambitions would get stimulated along with their most reserved thoughts. After these thoughts and desires resurfaced, one could overcome them through the heart-tempering ancient well, strengthening their state of mind. All cultivators of Fifth Stage Realm or below could obtain pretty good benefits in there.[3]

On 09th August 2019, the ancient well suddenly erupted and turned into a fountain. Many disciples of World’s Horizon Temple entered the immortal cave and obtained a lot of benefits, with thirteen of them even grasping part of the «Vajrapani Demon-Subduing Fist».[3]

Cave Paintings

Aside from the ancient well, there are murals and records of fist techniques that experts from the Vajrapani Temple had left behind.[4]

  1. «True Self Meditation Scripture»[1]
  2. «Vajrapani Foundation Fist Technique»[1]
  3. «Vajrapani Demon-Subduing Fist»[3]


  • Based on the techniques left in the immortal cave and lack of a Karmic Virtue gathering technique, the Vajrapani Immortal Cave was a small martial arts and dao heart training post for the greater Vajrapani Temple school.
  • By learning the three fist techniques of the Vajrapani Temple in this immortal cave[3], Song Shuhang established karmic relations with the Eternal Life Being and survivor legacy of the Vajrapani Temple, the Vajrapāni Temple Great Master.

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