Void Sword School is a small sword school based somewhere in China, near Chu Aristocratic Family.

Void Sword School collaborated with ‘Mister’ to obtain a set of sword art from the Chu Aristocratic Family, rumoured to contain a Way of Eternal Life.


Void Sword School was just a small school with the strongest member was a Fourth Stage Inborn retired elder. The sect master, vice-sect master and three protectors’ cultivation base were Third Stage Battle King. The rest were mostly disciples that had reached the Second Stage.[1]

Comparatively speaking, Void Sword School was weaker than the Moon Sabre Sect that was wiped out during the incident with Heavenly River’s Su Clan Seven. It was even weaker than the Immortal Farmer Sect.[1]

Sect Protecting Array

Although the Void Sword School was just a small school, it still had its a defensive array.

The disciples of the Void Sword School were secretly branded after they joined the school. The function of this mark is to allow the defensive array to tell between ‘friends’ and ‘foes’ once it’s activated.[2]

Ordinary spirit stones were usually stored inside the school’s treasure house, and in times of need, the spirit energy inside would be extracted by the array, flowing out of the treasure house through the hidden channels.[2]

Once activated, sword qi numbering in the thousands will appear in the sky and hovered above the Void Sword School, ready to take out any intruder within the school’s territory.[2]

Battle of Severing Immortal

Main article: Battle of Severing Immortal

Void Sword School collaborated with ‘Mister’ to press the Chu Aristocratic Family. The school was hoping to obtain Chu Aristocratic Family’s sword art, rumoured to contain a Way of Eternal Life Being.

The confrontation between the two sides escalated until they both agreed to settle their grievance on the Severing Immortal Platform, thus precipitating the Battle of Severing Immortal. Southern Longevity Sword Sect was invited to be referee for the battle.

In order to gain advantage, Void Sword School employed Thirty Three Beasts Assassin Organisation to intercept and prevent Chu Chu from returning at all cost.

Void Sword School also invited two Gold Core Spirit Sovereigns as their supporters and to pressure Chu Aristocratic Family.

Upon the conclusion of the battle, Void Sword School must surrender their 《Void Sword Art》 to Chu Aristocratic Family.


This co-operation with ‘Mister’ proved to be their undoing, and the entire school was massacred by Sea Urchin Warriors.


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Void Sword School
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