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Vying for the Heavenly Way III officially started after the Second Heavenly Way withdrawed from the position of Heavenly Way sometimes around more than 1 × 10¹⁶ years ago.[1]

Notable Contestants

There were two individual who rules their respective regions during the vying. Both of them were considered as the favourite to win the vying.

  • Demon Emperor of the West Hezhi
  • King of the East Kui

Final Battle

The highly anticipated final battle was between Demon Emperor of the West Hezhi and King of the East Kui.[2] However, when the two of them actually fought, Kui easily trashed Hezhi in less than ten moves.[3]

As it turns out, the different between the two of them was like the different between a regular student who got a 98 and an academic tyrant who got 100 in an examination. The former obtained 98 because that was his maximum score while the latter got 100 because it’s the maximum score available. In truth, the academic tyrant’s score far surpassed 100.[1]


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