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@#%× was the most beautiful woman in the Ancient Heavenly Court. Her beauty was enough to earn her the title of ‘Flower of the Heavenly Court’.


@#%× name is hard to pronounce in modern tongue, and it is untranslatable for it has the meaning of both Promise and Waiting.[1]


@#%× loves to use lines from dramas and movies when she talks.


Karmic Vitue Hall (功德殿; Gōngdé Diàn) was @#%×’s personal residence in the Ancient Heavenly Court.


Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal

@#%× was stuck in the Eighth Stage Profound Saint for a long time, unable to advance to the Tribulation Immortal Realm. With the help of several friends such as Northern Great Emperor, White Dragon and Blockhead Song, they created a special art called 《Adept With Both Worlds’ Technique Karmic Virtue Art》 (世间双全法功德术; shìjiān shuāngquán fǎ gōngdé shù). This art allows her to shed her mortal body and become a pure Karmic Virtue being.[2]

Way of Eternal Life

According to Eat Melon, there is a Way of Eternal Life hidden in the Karmic Virtue Network. However, @#%× for unknown reason didn’t tread that Way, despite having access to it for an extremely long time.


Empress Mode

Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty – Empress Mode (功德蛇美人?女帝模式; gōng dé shé měirén? nǚdì móshì)

Knight Mode

Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty – Knight Mode (功德蛇美人?骑士模式; gōng dé shé měirén? qíshì móshì)

King Knight Mode

Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty – King Knight Mode ( 功德蛇美人?帝王骑士模式; gōngdé shé měirén? dìwáng qíshì móshì) was the combination of the Empress Mode and the Knight Mode.


Cheng Lin

Allow me to sexual harass you
Cheng Lin[3]

That’s my daughter’s girlfriend
Kui Two to Eye Two

@#%× is in love with Cheng Lin. She waited in a Heavenly Court fragment for thousands of year waiting for Cheng Lin to fulfill her promise and give her a kiss.

Song Shuhang

Ye Si

Fairy Good Fortune

@#%× is best friends with her partner-in-crime, Fairy Good Fortune. Both of them have a healthy rivalry and always try to outdo each other and steal the other party’s trademarks.

It’s also possible that aside from Song Shuhang, @#%× was the only individual who can understand Fairy Good Fortune’s string of ‘Song The Dumb, Song The Fool, hēi yo yo’.

Black Skinned Soft Feather

@#%× considers Black Skinned Soft Feather as her junior and protege.


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