The Way Grasping Stone (悟道石; Wù Dào Shí) is a piece of meteorite which has the property of making cultivation much easier for those who have it. Even being close to it can help tremendously. However, the effects diminish the higher ones cultivation is, though every little bit helps, especially when making breakthroughs.


The name coined by people in the Cultivator World for the stone was the Way Grasping Stone. This was due to a cultivator only needs sit near this stone, can comprehend the wonder of the Great Way. If a First Stage cultivator is hovering near the Way Grasping Stone, he can easily break through the bottleneck of the acupoints within his body without much difficulty; and the failure rate is almost zero.[1]


Unknown Cultivator

Several hundreds of years ago, there was a cultivator who obtained a Way Grasping Stone. That stone caused quite a bit of a commotion in the Cultivation World at that time. The current whereabouts of the stone was unknown.[1]

Song Shuhang

Discussion of the Way

After Battle of Severing Immortal ended, the members of the Nine Provinces (1) Group took the chance to have a Discussion of the Way.

Due to the Way Grasping Stone presence, the members felt their comprehension and understanding was speed up.

Stellar Explosion

During the explosion of a star infected by the Star Destroying Virus in the Dream Realm, the Way Grasping Stone caught the full blast of the shockwave. This cause the stone to be fragmented into several pieces, and releasing Scallion Lady’s root at the same time.

The stone fragments were collected by Soft Feather and given back to Song Shuhang.


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