A Way Item (道器; Dào Qì) is a magical item that exceeded the level of a Tribulation Immortal divine weapon or Eternal Life Being rank. They are the strongest magical treasure in the world as they were personally created by a Heavenly Way.[1]

Known Way Items

Eye Looking Planet

Eye Looking Planet has an enmity with the Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre and the Digit Lineage.

Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre

Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre was the first Way Item that actually appeared. It was created by Third Heavenly Way after he induced Song Shuhang’s presence during the creation of Golden Lotus World and Evil Lotus World.[2]

Nine Paths Phoenix Sabre has an enmity with the Eye Looking Planet.

Reincarnation Blade

Reincarnation Blade was a unique Way Item as she was a human before becoming the Way Item of the Fifth Heavenly Way.

Heavenly Way Dimension

Only Way Items may be summoned into the Heavenly Way Dimension. Anything else will not be able to be summoned as their level weren’t high enough.


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