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Way Monarch Li was a long time friend of Yellow Mountain.


Spirit Transforming Ruins


Way Monarch Li has been exploring the Spirit Transforming Ruins for years.[1] 

Due to an attack he received during the exploration, he passed out for ten months in the ruins.[2]

After he obtained the mysterious substance from the Spirit Transforming Ruins, Way Monarch Li immediately used it to upgrade his living item without taking the proper safety precaution. Due to this, his immortal residence area was put under surveillance a crowd of hidden cultivators. Fortunately for him, they only know the general location, but not the exact location of the immortal residence.[3]

Creating A Party With A Big Shot

On 17th January 2020, Way Monarch Li was contacted by his friend, Yellow Mountain. Yellow Mountain has found a suitable meat shield for another Spirit Transforming Ruins’s exploration.[4]


Due to Way Monarch Li went into hiding for the last three years after coming out of the Spirit Transforming Ruins, Yellow Mountain was unable to add the former into the Nine Provinces (1) Group.

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