The Way of Non-life and Non-death (非生、非死之道; fēi shēng, fēi sǐ zhī dào), also known as «Born to Die Eternal Life Way» (向死而生长生道; xiàng sǐ ér shēng cháng shēng dào) is the first Way trod by Tyrant Song.

This Way contains two cream of the crop’s principles: Life and Death.


By removing himself from life while not actually being dead, entering a state of being between the two, one is able to free themselves from the restraints of both life and death, thus able to achieve eternal life. While using this Way of Eternal Life, one would continuously move towards death before finally dying within the end of each cycle. With each death all kinds of negative aspects would be removed, and one would resurrect stronger than before, once again within a status between life and death and another cycle would begin. [1]

This Way of Eternal Life is the opposite of Cheng Lin’s «Way of Nurturing New Life» which would strengthen Cheng Lin at the beginning of each new 'life’, while here one would improve himself with each ‘death’.[1]

Breaking the Curse of the Heavenly Demons

With the help of the 8.5th-generation Heavenly Way Daozi, Tyrant Song used the «Way of Non-life and Non-death» to break the curse of the Heavenly Demons. The curse was placed on them by the Fourth Heavenly Way and caused them to lose their wisdom and become beings of pure destruction.[2][3][4]


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