Fifth Stage

Gold Core

Gold Core with ten dragon marks.White is the only one known cultivator with dragon marks more than nine.

Sixth Stage

Seventh Stage

True Illusion:  Desert World

True Illusion: Desert World originally consisted of a scene where a young man riding a horse searching for ‘Little White’ and subsequently training multiple type of martial arts together. However, White’s True Illusion has changed into scenes with Song Shuhang in it, much to White’s embarrassment.

Eighth Stage

Saint Seal

White received his saint seal upon successfully transcending the Seventh Promotes Eighth Heavenly Tribulation.

Saint Title: Saint White [白圣]

Karmic Virtue Manifestation

White’s strength of karmic virtue manifested itself as a gigantic bayberry tree. The tree can even produce edible fruits, just like a real bayberry tree.

Song Shuhang was the one who introduced White to bayberries.

Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal

It’s now fine to call White as an exiled immortal since he already a Tribulation Immortal[1]


Godbrandy translated the bayberries as strawberries.

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