Song Shuhang

Song Shuhang was the one who received and acted as guide when White left his meditation in 2019. Usually, White will only stay in the outside world for a week or so before returning to his meditation for hundreds of years. But this time around, he only returns to meditation for days at most.

Song Shuhang was noted to be the only one that can nag the wilful White, without suffering any consequences. White also shown to be scared of Shuhang’s nagging.

Although White is well known to be lucky and can easily find treasures wherever and whenever he went, the treasures he found this time around seems to perfectly suit Shuhang’s needs and requirement, rather than White’s.

White’s living item, Shooting Star Sword also shown to act like a pet to Shuhang. Occasionally, Shooting Star Sword will complain about White to Shuhang. Shuhang also can use Shooting Star Sword very easily, without any restriction or latency.

Furthermore, it was known in the Cultivation World that after he went out from his meditation, Saint Monarch White and Saint Monarch Tyrant Song almost inseparable as form and shadow. If anyone wishes to find Saint Monarch White, the easiest way was to look for Saint Monarch Tyrant Song.[1]

Nine Provinces (1) Group

It’s a tradition for a member of the group to receive and guide White whenever he left his meditation. However, none of the members received even a hundredth benefit like Shuhang’s did.

Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain was the junior who helped White during a previous period of his exiting cultivation, causing them to have a decent relationship. He is the one who will take care of White’s requirement and needs whenever the later went out of his secluded meditations.

Soft Feather

Soft Feather has shown a certain level of immunity towards White’s charm. She has never shown to succumb to the charm like others, although her immunity level still unknown.

White Crane

White Crane is White’s biggest fan. However, it just an infatuation and not true love.

Separated Snow

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