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White Cloud Academy is the main academy of Ruism.

Dharma-Ending Battle

White Cloud Academy was chosen as one of Dharma-Ending Battle’s filming locations due to its beautiful scenery.

Ruism’s Grand Meeting

Once every three years, White Cloud Academy’s White Cloud City will host a grand meeting. The participants would be Ruism disciples from all over the world, as well as guests from various places.[1]

Limitation of Flying Swords

Any Fourth Stage or higher’s practitioner will be required to register before they are allowed to enter the White Cloud City. They’ll receive a flying sword bar code. The restriction of flight will be applied in accordance with the code.[1]

Rule the country, govern the family and pacify the world (治国齐家平天下; Zhì Guó Qí Jiā Píng Tiān Xià').

Day of the Week Character Meaning Notes
Monday Rule
Tuesday Country
Wednesday Govern
Thursday Family
Friday Pacify[2]
  • Translated as ‘bring’ in QI translation.
  • Lychee obtained 平 2333 as her license plate.[3][4]
Saturday Heaven[5]
  • Translated as ‘peace’ in QI translation
  • White obtained 天 888 as his license plate.[6][7]
Sunday Under[5]
  • Translated as ‘world’ in QI translation​

White Cloud Controlling Sword Flight Training Course APP

Whiz Whiz Flying Sword APP

Whiz Whiz Flying Sword APP is a private flying sword hailing to users in the White Cloud Academy via a smartphone application.

Notable Locations

Thirteen Tribulation Immortals Statues

In the centre of the White Cloud City, there were statues of the Holy Man’s thirteen mos eminent disciples, the Thirteen Tribulation Immortals.[1]

Myriad Books Mountain

Its existence and secret was revealed to Song Shuhang by one of the Thirteen Tribulation Immortals, Coloured-Glass Scholar.

Evil Pond

Evil Pond is a secret location located at deep under White Cloud Academy. The bodies of Demons of the Nine Serenities will be thrown into the pond and become the nourishment for the Golden Lotus.

Golden Lotus World

Is a Minor World


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  7. ‘天 888’ literally means ‘Heaven 888’ or figuratively means ‘Heavenly Luck Luck Luck’ or ‘Heavenly Luck and Double Joy’, another reference to White’s suppressing the Heaven’s luck.
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