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White Crane is the top Holy and Light attribute cultivator in the Nine Provinces (1) Group as well as a notorious White fan. White Crane is also a monster cultivator with a divine beast's bloodline.



White Crane’s gender still undecided, it can switch between male and female until it finally fall in love. If it loves a man, it will be a woman and vice-versa.

Male Form

Female Form


Nine Provinces (1) Group

Tractor Race

Dharma-Ending Battle

First Thousand Years Profound Saint

5 + 1 Heavenly Tribulation

Battle of Ruism

White Crane was present during the Battle of Ruism.

During the battle, it was revealed that  Sixth Stage True Monarch White Crane already broke through the Sixth Stage's Eighth Layer of Heaven of the Ten Layers of Heaven minor realm.



White Crane was White’s biggest fan. However, it just an infatuation and not true love, since White Crane’s gender still undecided.

Song Shuhang

White Crane greatest enemy is Song Shuhang due to the latter ‘monopolizing’ White. However, White Crane agrees that Song Shuhang is the only one who can balance out White's dangerous luck.

Joseph Guy Maupassant

After Joseph awakens his talent in Holy Light cultivation, White Crane came to visit sometimes to guide him along the path. White Crane even gave Joseph a Holy Light cultivator's meditation technique right before Song Shuhang became the Ninth Heavenly Way.


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