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Gold Dragon Primogenitor White Dragon was considered as the ancestor of the dragonkin.

White Dragon was born as a pure white dragon from the bones of an immemorial golden dragon. Then one day, when she woke up from sleep, she found out that she had turned into a gold dragon. She then proceeds to beat the fool until he cried for the first time.[1]

What’s more fearful was the ‘golden colour’ can’t be removed, resulting White Dragon becoming the famous Gold Dragon Primogenitor of the dragon race. Song Shuhang suspected that the dye was bought by Blockhead Song from [Anything Can Sell].[2]

Ancient Heavenly Court

White Dragon was considered as one of the strongest members of the Ancient Heavenly Court by Northern Great Emperor, who himself is among the top five.[1][3]

Late Stage Era

During the late stage of the Ancient Heavenly Court, she already left the court. Although nominally she still belongs to the Heavenly Court, but most of the time she stayed at her Dragon King Hall. Its rare for her to return to the court.[4]

White Dragon waited for 13 years in the Dragon King Hall for Blockhead Song.[5] When he finally arrived at the Hall, she already left.[6] White Dragon has left her thoughts sporadically in the Hall , with Blockhead Song’s replied to each and every one of them.

Post Destruction

After the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court, White Dragon is waiting for a rebirth in a coffin in the Dragon Tomb , deep inside the Mysterious Island.


Blockhead Song

Blockhead Must Die ×10,000

At the beginning, the small and weak Blockhead Song was a little brother in front of White Dragon Primogenitor. Each time Blockhead Song was crying after being beaten, he will run to White Dragon Primogenitor for shelter.[7]

Once in a while, Blockhead Song will bring along White Dragon to the gathering place. And then the blockhead will exploits the dragon’s might, making the enemy shed two tears for every single tear he shed.[7]

Song Shuhang



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