White Two

The following is the known relationships of White Two, the seventh Nine Serenities Ruler

Song Shuhang

White Two was the first Ruler of the Nine Serenities that Song Shuhang encountered.[1]

White Two is extremely curious about Song Shuhang’s true identity and had him thoroughly investigated including his ancestors and friends.[2]

At first, White Two mainly consider Song Shuhang as an amusing pet and a tool to disrupt Fat Ball’s plans. However, as time goes on, the relationship between them changed into best friends. White Two even used his one time Exercising Heavenly Way’s Jurisdiction and Once and Only Trip to the Present World to give Song Shuhang’s his add on dragon whale marks on the Markless Fat Whale Core.[3]

"White Two: I’ll give you ten seconds, how do you want to die?

Song Shuhang: Cool … coolly die?"

White Two after Song Shuhang annoyed him for the nth time.[4]

Death Seeker Song was the only individual aside from Heavenly Way and Ruler of the Nine Serenities level that can annoy White Two without suffering grave consequences. According to #Hamster, White Two was extremely tolerant with Song Shuhang’s antics.[4]

Kun King noted that White Two’s things can almost be said as Song Shuhang’s thing. As long as its something Song Shuhang needs, White Two will not be parsimonious.[5]

Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group

Due to their association with Song Shuhang, each and every member of the chat group was fully investigated by White Two.[2]


Appearance wise, White Two and White have almost 80% of similarities with each other.[1][6] Both of them also have similar charms and luck.

White Two is considering White as one of the three possible candidates reincarnation of the Seventh Heavenly Way.[2]

Soft Feather

Take care of her just like I take care of you.
White Two to Song Shuhang[7]

Soft Feather piqued White Two’s interest when she showed immunities towards his charms and soul-cutting aura, just like Song Shuhang.[8]

White Two was considering Soft Feather as one of the three possible candidates of reincarnation of the Seventh Heavenly Way.[2] In the epilogues, it was revealed that Soft Feather was White Two’s niece. She was the daughter of White Two’s ‘younger sister’ and she inherited her mother’s uniqueness.[9]

Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain was considered as one of the three possible candidates of reincarnation of the Seventh Heavenly Way.[2]

Nine Serenities Rulers

Fat Ball

White Two has an intense rivalry with Fat Ball. Both of them strive to undermine each other’s plan. However, since both of them have the same equal authority and jurisdiction in the Nine Serenities, they are stuck in a status quo. Ever since Song Shuhang came into the picture, the balance between White Two and Fat Ball slowly changed. From the initial 5:5, now it’s already became 8:2, in favour of White Two.


White Two has a habit of collecting pets, similar with White.

As a Nine Serenities Ruler, White Two’s presence will cause those nearby to feel pressure such as ‘mountain of corpses’, ‘sea of blood’, ‘world destruction’ and ‘the most evil existence’. His beloved pets will also face the same pressure when they are in his presence. Due to that, the pets don’t dare to joke with White Two, despite knowing that their master won’t be angry at them.[4]

Pet #1 You’re Busy T233

An adorable small sun with being Ultimate Weapon as its part time job.

Pet #2 Hamster

An adorable and cute little hamster demon, #Hamster is the usual courier White Two used to contact with Song Shuhang. #Hamster also have a one-sided rivalry with Song Shuhang, something that considered as amusing by his master and fellow pets.

Pet #3 Orangutan General

Orangutan General was the Beast Realm’s Great General who Conquers the West. He was invited to Earth in order to deal with Venerable White who was protecting Song Shuhang by a purple-robed cultivator. Unknowingly, the ‘Venerable White’ he was confronting actually White Two and he was subsequently captured and became Pet #3.

Pet #4 Shushu


Pet #5 Clam Dragon Patriarch

During the Immortal Food Feast, the Clam Dragon Patriarch dug too deep on Shuhang’s dream.[10]

Ugly Tiger


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