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Wide Courtyard Society (广廷党; Guǎng Tíng Dǎng) was a powerful influence based in the Beast Realm


广 (Guǎng;  meaning wide, numerous, to spread) and 廷 (Tíng; meaning courtyard) are the radicals for 庭 (Tíng; meaning main hall, front courtyard, law court) from the 天庭 (Heavenly Court).

Ancient Heavenly Court Fragments

After the destruction of the Ancient Heavenly Court, Wide Courtyard Society has been collecting the fragments.

Enemy Attack

Emperor Venerate

Hunting for Sage Monarch Tyrant Song

After the Ruism Holy Man Grand Resurrection Array was activated by, Wide Courtyard Society issued a bounty for Sage Monarch Tyrant Song.

Blockhead Song met with Zither Lord Phoenix Rite. Blockhead Song successfully argued that since Tyrant Song is the reincarnation of the Ruism Holy Man, the Ruism Holy Man Grand Resurrection Array rightfully belongs to Tyrant Song.


Heavenly Punishment

During the later stage of Changing Heaven, the Wide Courtyard Society was targeted by the Eighth Heavenly Way, with Heavenly Punishment locking on the Heavenly Court Fragmets Secret Realm. Once any of them took a step outside the secret realm, they will be struck by the Heavenly Punishment, instantly killing them and Way of the Heavenly Court will be recovered from their bodies.[1][2]

Escape Plan

Blockhead Song met with the society’s leader, Zither Lord Phoenix Rite. He informed Phoenix Rite that he can help the society escape from the shackles of Way of the Heavenly Court and thus no longer being targeted by the Eighth Heavenly Way. But, the members must die first.

Phoenix Rite made a deal with Blockhead Song, Ancient Heavenly Court fragments collected by the society will be exchanged with resurrection array for all still surviving members of the society. [3] Phoenix Rite handed over to Blockhead Song a jade seal that serve as the control magical item for the Ancient Heavenly Court fragments.[4]


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