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World Fusion Card was part of a deck of cards created by the Second Nine Serenities Ruler as an imitation of the Throne of Wealth Dispersal.[1]

This card was created with two principles.[2]

Although this card wasn’t the strongest card in the deck, it’s possible that this card is the rarest. This is due the Second Nine Serenities Ruler was unable to recollect some of its material until now.[3]

Card Drawing Competition

For the third round of a best of five games, Song Shuhang and Second Nine Serenities Ruler will draw a card each from that deck of cards that was just recovered from the Small Black Room. The winner of this round will be decided by whoever draws the card with the highest quantity of principles.[1]

By using the Hand of Luck, Song Shuhang then drew this [World Fusion] card.[2]



This card can only be used by its creator, the Second Nine Serenities Ruler. However, as a reward for recovering the deck of cards from the Small Black Room, the Second Nine Serenities Ruler give away this card to Song Shuhang and the restrictions on the card was unsealed for him alone.[1][4]

As such, this card can only be activated by Song Shuhang alone. Upon activation, the user’s finger print, Saint Seal and Gambling Ceremony Mark will be verified.[5]

Energy Source

This card needs a massive and steady flow of spirit energy to be used. However, if the user’s spirit power is insufficient, spirit stones can be used as an alternative power source.[4]

Due to this energy source requirement, it is impossible for anyone else except Song Shuhang to use the card.


Just like its name, the card’s effect is to fuse together minor worlds.[4]

The process is divided into four stages;

  1. Stage 1: Activation[5]
  2. Stage 2: Selection of minor worlds[5]
  3. Stage 3: Worlds Fusion[5]
  4. Stage 4: Formation of principles and Realm Lord jurisdiction.[6]

Fusing Two Worlds

Song Shuhang used this card to fuse the Tyrant Realm and Heavenly Emperor World.[4]


This card can be used multiple times. A massive amount of spirit stones are needed to preserve the principles in the card.[3]

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