Ye Si was a member of the Clear Water Pavilion, as well as a romantic interest of Song Shuhang


Ye Si joined the Clear Water Pavilion at a young age and eventually, with the Pavilion Lord's help, created her own cultivation technique. She died when the Pavilion was destroyed, but was somehow reborn as a ghost spirit when the spirit ghost that had been lent to her family absorbed her spirit and became pregnant with her. She had lost all memories of her death, however, and the destruction of the Pavilion.


叶 () is a common Chinese surname, listed in the Hundred Family Surnames. Its also means leaf; page; lobe; (historical) period; classifier for small boats.

思 () means to think; to consider.



Cultivation Technique

Ye Si cultivates the Crying Heavens Grimoire, which she created, along with her master, Pavilion Lord Chu. The technique has the side effect of causing practitioners to be very emotional, and to cry a lot. It also possesses the ability to force enemies to experience great sorrow and burst into tears.

Sword of the Crying Heavens

A sword technique that Ye Si practices. Appears to strike with nine blows.


Ye Si was killed during the Destruction of the Clear Water Pavilion



Song Shuhang

She wants to be the Dao Companion of Song Shuhang because she feels calm and a pleasant sensation that comes out of the body of Song Shuhang. She has developed a love contract with him, allowing her to become his spirit ghost while his original one was gone.

Cheng Lin

Cheng Lin is Ye Si’s mother, via Way of Nurturing New Life.


When the first time Ye Si met Lychee, she felt a warm and familiar feeling. Lychee has acknowledged Ye Si as her goddaughter.[1]


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