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Yellow Mountain was a founder and the leader of the Nine Provinces (1) Group.[1] He was the person who added Song Shuhang into the chat group.[2]

He is a famous and respectable senior in the Cultivation World.[3]

Name & Aliases

Yellow Mountain

Big Idiot Yellow Mountain

Big Idiot Yellow Mountain (黄山大傻; Huáng Shān Dà Shǎ) or just Big Idiot (大傻; Dà Shǎ), was the nickname used by Doudou to address its owner.

Huang Wenzhong

Huang Wenzhong (黄文忠; Huáng Wénzhōng) was the pseudonym used by Yellow Mountain in the secular world.[7]

He used this name to purchase the cars and Jiangshui Civil Aviation Training Centre for White (and Song Shuhang) to play.[7][8]

Mama Yellow Mountain

Mama Yellow Mountain (黄山妈妈; Huáng Shān Māmā) was a nickname given to Yellow Mountain by Song Shuhang, due to Yellow Mountain ‘mothering’ the chat group members.[4]


Lawful Good

Chat ID

ID Notes
True Monarch Yellow Mountain[2] No longer used after he was promoted to Seventh Stage
Yellow Mountain’s Heart is Tired and Wanted to Retire Self-explanatory
Venerable Yellow Mountain
Yellow Mountain Already Retired But the Heart Still Tired[9]


Yellow Mountain usually acted as White’s general manager (not to be confused with personal manager). Yellow Mountain will arrange and/or provide items and activities for White such as:

  • Preparing a garage full of luxury cars[10]
  • Arranging for private pilot’s license
  • Providing 500 tractors for the inaugural Tractor Race.

Song Shuhang

Yellow Mountain was the one who ‘mistakenly’ added Song Shuhang into the group. Shortly after realising his mistake in adding Song Shuhang to the group, Yellow Mountain did a divination as to whether he should keep him in the group. The divination suggested the two would be romantic, which irritated Yellow Mountain as he was straight, but figured it was his own lack of skill with divination that made it seem like that, and decided to let Shuhang stay in the group.[2][11]

Generally, Yellow Mountain has a very high opinion on Shuhang. However, there are times Yellow Mountain wanted to kick Shuhang out of the group together with the rest of Death Seeker Army members.

In retrospect, there was a time when he thought about giving Song Shuhang the position of ‘group admin’. Because Song Shuhang at that time, was an adorkable little sprout, kind-hearted and patience. Shuhang also completed the quest of receiving True Monarch White splendidly. It feels like the best successor to be the next ‘group admin’.[12]

In the end, he has yet started preparing Song Shuhang as the next group admin, the latter already became a Heavenly Way. Moreover, before Shuhang become a Heavenly Way, the originally little sprout has evolved into a group member who has caused Yellow Mountain’s heartache like Mad Sabre Three Waves and Immortal Master Copper Trigram.[12]


Yellow Mountain’s pet monster dog. The two have a capricious relationship as Doudou feels that Yellow Mountain doesn't pay him enough attention, so will run away and cause problems, just to make Yellow Mountain come and pick him up.

Cultivator’s Alliance

Yellow Mountain is a high-ranking member of the Cultivator’s Alliance.

Main article: Celestial Hunting Event

In the wake of the attacks from the then-unknown Celestials, Yellow Mountain has been researching and collecting information on behalf the Cultivator’s Alliance.[13]

After the Alliance has developed the «Celestials Induction Technique», Yellow Mountain distributes it to the members of the chat group. Yellow Mountain also announced the Celestial Hunting Event to the members.[14]

Battle of Severing Immortal

Tractor Race

Yellow Mountain’s contact was able to prepare and send 500 tractors to the venue within a day.

Dharma-Ending Battle

4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation

Main article: 4 + 28 Black Dragon Tribulation

Throne of Wealth Dispersal

Nine Provinces (1) Group

Then-True Monarch Yellow Mountain founded the Nine Provinces (1) Group together with Spirit Venerable Seventh Path, Spirit Venerable Skylark and True Monarch Rain Moon.[1]

Yellow Mountain is the best at administration amongst the members. As such, he is the de facto leader of the group despite the presence of higher level members.

Ninth Heavenly Way’s Award Ceremony

As a member of the Nine Provinces (1) Group, Yellow Mountain was bestowed with rewards by the Ninth Heavenly Ways.

Due to his position as the group admin, Yellow Mountain was chosen to be the first to receive the bestowments.

Heavenly Way’s Blessings

Yellow Mountain received a special buff known as [Heavenly Way Tyrant Song’s Respected Senior] from Tyrant Song. This was a personal acknowledgement from the Heavenly Way of his status as Tyrant Song’s senior.[15]

Yellow Mountain also bestowed with the epithet [Forever Group Admin] by Tyrant Song during the award ceremony in front of All Heavens and Myriad Realms’s practitioners.[16]

Sticker Patch

Yellow Mountain received two gold core sticker patches from White.[16]


At the end of the novel, Yellow Mountain passed his position as the super group admin of the Nine Provinces (1) Group to Song Shuhang and went into retirement.[9] He acquired some lands in the Nine Serenities World and started to breed some special spirit beasts and demon beasts.[17]


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