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Yu Jiaojiao is the twenty first daughter of Flood Dragon Tyrant.[1] She is her father’s favourite and was given jurisdiction over part of his domain.

Currently she is training in the Dragon King Hall.


Yu Jiaojiao's natural appearance is that of a very cute fish with aspects of a flood dragon, and the voice of a beautiful young maiden. She has gone through a ritual that allows her to assume a half human form even before achieving the Fifth Stage of cultivation. However, this half-human form is closer to a reverse mermaid, with her upper body remaining that of a fish, and the legs of a beautiful human woman.

Transforming Dragon Gate

Space Tour

Dharma-Ending Battle

Yu Jiaojiao planning to kidnap Gao Moumou.png

Yu Jiaojiao kidnapped Gao Moumou.

«Dharma-Ending Battle»

Dragon King Hall

Dragon King Hall

Wonderful Mirror for Divine Armament

«Wonderful Mirror for Divine Armament»


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