Yuanzi was one of Ruism Holy Man’s disciples and the twelfth of the Thirteen Tribulation Immortals.



War with the Nine Serenities

He was severely wounded in the Ruism great tribulation and fall into vegetative state. His body was found and collected by Kun King. It was stored inside Kun King’s abdomen.

Returns to Ruism

Kun King used Yuanzi’s body as a puppet to go to Ruism and investigate about the possibility of Tyrant Song is the reincarnation of Holy Man.

After the event where Eternal Life Being Kun King was blasted by Tyrant Song until becoming an egg, Ruism was aware that there is still a wisp of Kun King’s consciousness hiding in Yuanzi’s mind. Yuanzi was being watched over strictly by his senior apprentice brothers Wenzi, Yanzi, Chizi and Yuzi.[1]


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